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Give the Gift of the Unexpected Give the Gift of the Unexpected

On October 3, 2015, Richard and Laura were wed. And as a result, our two families' received the greatest gift of all – more. More love. More stories to share. And more things.

Lots more things.

In other words, we've got extra stuff we need to get rid of. Our home is awash with two families' worth of trinkets and baubles and objet d’art. So we’ve chosen to share them with y’all this year, in this: our first curated boutique.

We present you: the ruggedly obscure, the decidedly unexpected – a handpicked collection of exquisite vagaries, from the glittering halls of our trove.

Item Number 1: Mounted Lowland Jackalope
No. 01

American Chimera

hear the tale

Wyoming. September. Late in the cold, blue evening.

By the time I found the trail back home… it had found the trail I’d been leaving. I had been hunting many times before. This was the first time I’d been hunted.

Here is what I heard: A rustle in the undergrowth. A shriek in the dark. The thundering of my heart’s own panicked refrain.

Here is what I saw: It bearing down upon me, a ravenous six-point hare, fangs glinting through the gloom. A flash of moonlight in its eyes – a look that pins you to the fears from which you’ve run all your life.

But I didn’t run that night.

Here is what remains: This beast. This American Chimera.

Felled. Mounted. Available for sale.

Item Number 2: National Geographic Collection
No. 02

The whole world
in your hands

hear the tale

We ran to get the mail in those days.

All us kids, galloping to the box in giddy anticipation… and there it would be, brightly nestled like a gold vein amid the bills and coupons. There’s no warmer color than what glows on the spine of a National Geographic.

We were never without adventure.

The escapades of Andalusian gauchos and the mystics of Nepal; jaunts through kaleidoscopic Persian bazaars and the monkey-strewn temples of Indonesia.

This painstakingly curated collection (Nov. ’87 to June ’93) is made of the finest quality high-gloss print stock. Slightly read per seating, 5-15 minutes (depending).

Item Number 3: George Harrison’s Sitar
No. 03

"We were talking about the space between us..."

hear the tale

Rishikesh, India. 1968. A sweltering café.

He asked me how I found myself there. “Haven’t found myself yet,” I told him. A breezy response. Anything to be cool on such a hot day. He talked of Ravi and John (not Ringo). I told him how I missed my family – so far away. “They’re not that far. They’re closer than you think. We’re all connected, you know…”

When he stood up to leave, I spied this mad instrument leaning against the wall behind him. “Oh, your guitar!”

“It’s not a guitar, love,” he said with a wise smile, “and it’s not mine anymore.”

18-string sitar. Teak. Weathered. Worn. World-traveled. A gift from Ravi to George. From George to me. From me to you… to whomever you wish. We’re all connected, you know.

Item Number 4: Ornate BOLO Tie
No. 04

I'm your huckleberry

hear the tale

Was it a theater benefit? Or maybe a charity gala? You can’t really remember. But it was an evening where the women got to sparkle, and the men all dressed the same.

Well, most men…

Most men drift into henges of tedious conversation. Most men talk about their portfolios. Most men think a tie suffices to make a statement. But you’re not like most men.

You don’t “make statements.” And you don’t wear ties.

You cause a ruckus. Because you wear this antique silver bolo.

So it doesn’t really matter if you remember the event. Because you are the event.

Antique sterling pistol bolo tie. Hand etched. Rough. Ready. Fully loaded for any occasion.

No. 05

They say the camel
is a horse designed
by committee

hear the tale

I say that’s damn unfair to the camel.

They’re a masterpiece. Distinct. Tough. The gruff, hardy kind of beautiful that only the unimaginative call ugly.

Like this saddle. Simplicity itself – carved, tanned, honed and stitched to life by the knobby weathered hands of a Bedouin tracker.

We met years ago, at a well on the outskirts of the Nafud and traded stories. The next morning he walked away with my compass. I rode off atop this:

Handcrafted Arabian camel saddle. Burled ghaf wood. Genuine oryx leather.

Just the spot to see the world from.

Item Number 6: MYSTERY GIFT
No. 06


hear the tale

I’m not going to tell you about this one.

Not one word. Not even a peep. Do what you will to me - I’ll never tell you what it is. But I will tell you why:

Because adventures always begin with the Unknown.
Because a secret kept keeps things grand.
Because life is too long to be short on mystery.

This holiday, give that special someone the greatest gift of all: something to get to the bottom of.

A mystery. Wrapped in an enigma. Wrapped in paper.

No. 07

Best in Show

hear the tale

She waves you toward a weathered wicker basket brimming with puppies. It’s said that Señora Palomares has raised prizewinners for decades.

Through the fray you catch the wink of two sharp eyes. And in a moment you know these are the eyes of an old friend.

She protests, as you lift your friend from the basket. “¡Élla es el pequeña de la camada!” The runt of the litter. “She is too weak… muy fea.”

But you know a good dog when you see one. You take her home. You name her Guapa.

Three hand-lettered awards (21 in dog ribbons). Persian silk. Only the best for the very best of friends.

Item Number 8: FENCING MASK
No. 08


hear the tale

We erupt. Sabers strobe as we clash and riposte – two figures locked in violent sway.

My adversary is difficult to reach – smaller in frame and nimble as a cottontail. I make a foolish strike. My balance crumbles… takes the rest of me with it.

My opponent looms. Unhasps her mask. And a cascade of hair pours out dark and perfect over her shoulders.

A woman. And what a woman.

“I’ve fallen for you,” I say.

She drops the tip of her poniard to my chest. Right to the heart. “Touché,” she says.

We married the following year. Springtime. Never fought again.

Competition fencing mask. Of the Belgian style. Woven wire mesh. Size: Medium (lady’s). Some sweat required.

No. 09

Cookies No. 3

hear the tale

This remarkable piece exemplifies the artist’s earliest inspirations – the rough transcendence of unconscious yearnings and the nascent development of an essential moral code.

Desire runs throughout the composition of this piece. The use of chiaroscuro in particular depicts a churning angst – that of a young artist, pulled between the poles of sweet, instant gratification, and the concern of overburdening and thereby obliterating the appetite.

Wax on paper. No. 3 of 12.


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